Fishing Decals – Show your Stoke!

boat fishing decals

The sport of bass fishing needs a little boost where I’m at, so I’m rocking some stickers to get people asking me questions about the sport. These sweet fishing decals look exactly like your favorite species of fish. You can snag yours at Here are some pictures and thoughts about great places to put your fishing decals to show your stoke on bass fishing.


Fishing Decals – Show your stoke!

Honestly, I’ve never been one of those dudes to sticker up my car. For those of you that do, keep rocking em. With that being said, I feel like there are some other cool things you can do with fishing decals to show your style. Here is where I’ve placed some of the species specific decals from, so I can get some notice. The goal for me with these stickers is to generate conversations with others about the epicness of bass fishing.

Decal Placement Places

My favorite spot is on my laptop. I cart my laptop everywhere for work and such. People notice them, and you will get comments about them. Check out how this decal looks on my laptop.
laptop fishing decals
Another place I stuck a decal was on my fishing back pack. This way, when I’m at a local pond everyone will know I’m out to “Krak” some bass. These decals also give your bag a little style. Here is what mine looks like with one on it.
backpack fishing decals
Lastly, one more place you can rock a sticker is on your fishing vessel. Boat, float tube, or whatever, it’s an easy way to let people know that you are a bass dude or dudette. Here’s mine rocking on my pontoon.
boat fishing decals
There are a variety of other cool places you could possibly rock these. Such as your tackle box, cooler, car, home, or whatever will help you show your stoke. It’s important to get involved and help the sport of bass fishing wherever you are. A sticker or two can help generate conversation, and show people how awesome bass are. Plus, it might help you connect with new people who enjoy the sport as well. You could very well find your next spot to try with a discussion about your sticker, and the places people like to go to chase them. Whatever your style, show your stoke with a solid fishing decal.

As Always,

Stay Stoked!


Order your own species specific decals at:

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