February Sand Hollow Fishing

Sand Hollow Utah Fishing Tips

Here’s what you need to know to catch bass on Sand Hollow in February. This article will walk you through the best baits, where to find bass, and a video of some of the action you can expect on this lake in February fishing. Save this article because it will be a great resource to help you get on the bass every year in February.

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February Sand Hollow Best Baits

A lot of people struggle on sand hollow in the cold month of February because the water temperatures are still really low. Cold water makes the bass not as aggressive. However, you can use these baits to get more bites than you ever have before at this time of year. The following techniques really help trigger bites when nothing else will.

Spro Phat Fly

The Spro Phat fly flat out catches them in the cold water. I’ve yet to find anything better. The key is to set it up right on a float n fly rig. Make sure you get your leader at least 20 – 25 feet to be able to get the fly down in front of the bass. Another key to get bit is to shake the bobber to give your fly a quivering action. The shaking action is going to get a bass to eat when they normally don’t want to.

Also, you will miss a lot of fish if you try setting the hook. You need to reel as fast as you can when your bobber goes down to be able to get the hook up into their mouths. Setting the hook will do you no good because of the amount of slack required to dangle the fly properly with this technique.

Blade Baits

The Cool baits underspin is a solid way to get bites in February. There is something magic about blades in cold water that trigger bass to bite. Pair this finesse underspin up with a small swimbait like a keitech easy shiner, and you will be in business. Also, this bait can be successful on small flukes without paddle tails. Sometimes less is more in cold water.

They key to fishing these blades successfully is keeping them deep. The bass in February rarely move above the 25 foot mark. Keep it slow and steady maintaining contact with the bottom. Sometimes a yo-yo style retrieve can be a good way to get bites.

February Sand Hollow Fishing Spots

They say bass live in only 20% of the water on a lake, and you need to eliminate 80% of the lake to be able to catch more bass than anyone else. Here’s some tips to help you eliminate unproductive areas and help you find more bass in February.

Stay Deep

The bass are usually deep because the water is slightly warmer down deep in the colder months. 25 – 35 feet is usually the best spot for catching bass on Sand hollow in February.

Find Cover

The largemouth on sand hollow prefer to be in cover even when it’s cold and they are living deep. They will still eat baitfish all winter long. The key is to just identify what type of cover they are on. Usually it’s either grass or the steep ledges in February where you will have your most success.

February Sand Hollow Fishing Map

Here’s some good places to try on the lake of where you can catch bass in February when the water hasn’t warmed up yet.

February Sand Hollow Fishing Video

Check out this video of some mid February action out catching bass with one of my foundations of bass fishing students. You will be able to learn from this video important details to help you catch more fish in February on Sand Hollow. Enjoy!

February Sand Hollow Fishing Additional Tips

When fishing in February on Sand Hollow you need to make sure you move slow. It is imperative you are extremely precise in your placement of your baits. The bass are typically grouped up in really tight bundles. Usually if you catch one you will find 2 or 3 more in the same spot. Also, don’t be afraid to go back to places. Sometimes you can let an area rest, come back in an hour, and catch a few more.

Thanks for following and supporting Kraken Bass. I would to hear more about what you have found bass fishing in February on Sand Hollow. Plus, send me a message of any things you would like me to try and do to help provide you the tools you need to be more successful on the water.

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