Deer Creek Fishing Report

deer creek smallmouth bass

This post is a Deer Creek fishing report of what we found looking for bass to catch.  A  friend of mine invited me out with him on his boat to see if we could “Krak” some bass. We had a good evening, and caught about a dozen smallmouth bass. We didn’t catch any giants, but we had a great time. Here is a map of where we fished, the baits we used, conditions we faced, and how we crushed some bass at Deer Creek Reservoir.


Deer Creek Fishing Report

Deer Creek Reservoir can be a bit finicky at times, but we found some schools of bass to keep us engaged. Honestly, the size of the fish was a little disappointing, but I’m glad we found some spots that held fish to stretch our lines. We motored around a few different areas, and tried quite a few baits until we figured a few things out. This fishing report should help you eliminate some time on the water to know what baits to use, and what the best shorelines are like.  Here is the full logistics of what worked best, and how we got those bronze smallmouth into our boat.

Deer Creek Fishing Conditions:

Here is what we were up against when fishing deer creek on Wednesday, June 3rd in the evening from 3:00pm – 8:00pm


Air Temperature around 73 degrees. Partly Cloudy Skies.

Water Temperature:

60 – 62 Degrees

Water Clarity:

Lightly Stained, Visibility about 8 feet


10 – 13 mph. It blew all evening, except for the last hour we were there.

Deer Creek Fishing Spots

Here is a map of the spots we fished, and the details of what happened at each place.

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Deer Creek Baits to Use:

We threw a few different things, but found the following two baits worked the best:


A  3.75 inch tube on a stupid rig caught half or our bass. For the stupid rig we used a 1/8 oz bagley shaky jig head. The stupid rigged tube was perfect for throwing into the flooded brush and vegetation. It keeps your tube weedless and looking natural to get those wary bass to bite. The key was to throw it out, and let it rest on the bottom. Once your tube is on the bottom, shake it up off the bottom and let it settle back down. All of our strikes came when the bait was falling back down to the bottom. I tried three different colors and all three worked equally well including; smoke w/ purple flake, green pumpkin, and a chartreuse with red & black flake.


We used a 4″ green pumpkin/watermelon laminate senko on a shaky head to catch the other half or our fish. We used a 1/8 oz shaky jig head for the senko’s. The shaky head was also great for keeping things weedless, so we wouldn’t hang up in the rocks or brush. The key was to let it fall down to the bottom, then lightly shaky it along. The shaky head senko is a perfect imitation of a bait fish feeding along the bottom. The bass at Deer Creek couldn’t handle it, so they slurped it up!

smallmouth bass deer creek


Detailed Deer Creek Fishing Report:

The trip was a lot of fun we caught a little over a dozen fish. Everything was just rat sized though. Nothing really epic to write your mom about with the size of the bass we whacked. The first couple hours we really struggled. The wind was blowing pretty badly, so we stayed close to the marina and tried a few spots. We worked a lot of different shorelines both shallow and deep, and only had a couple little dinks to show for our efforts. We picked up and moved to the head of the lake on the east side to try our luck there.

We did better on the North east shorelines of the lake, but still the fish were pretty small. We tried using spinnerbaits, jerkbaits, and crankbaits. The only things that seemed to work were the tube and the shaky head senko. We were a little frustrated, so we picked up and headed back to the marina. We decided to try one last spot on our way in.

We pulled into an area with flooded cottonwood trees, and on the second cast we popped one! Then in a couple more casts we caught another. We fished a small section of trees, and doubled our quota in only an hour. We would fling our baits up into the flooded timber, and the smallmouth would swim off with our baits in their mouths. They must of just started setting up shop to spawn in there. There wasn’t the algae bloom on the bottom of the lake like we saw in other areas. The bottom of the lake was clean, full of small gravel, and small boulders. Plus, the flooded timber was perfect cover. We also caught bigger fish here, but they still didn’t have much size to them. Here is a picture of one of the little rats I caught sitting underneath a log the last hour of the trip.
deer creek fishing report

Hopefully, this fishing report will help you in your efforts for “Kraken” bass at Deer Creek Reservoir. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog, so you can get informed of all the new posts through email. Also, I’d love to hear any insights you have about Deer Creek bass fishing. Leave a comment below, and let’s get the stoke juices flowing on this lake for crushing bass.

As Always,

Stay Stoked!

Gear Used:

3.75 inch tube (green pupkin)
Chartreuse Tube with red & black flake
4″ green pumpkin/watermelon laminate senko

Terminal Tackle:
1/8 oz bagley shaky jig head
1/8 oz shaky jig head

Rod & Reel Set up:
Abu Garcia Spinning Reel
Shimano Sellus 1-Piece Worm/Jig Spin Rod (7-Feet 2-Inch Medium Heavy)
6-Pound Test Fluorocarbon Fishing Line
Spiderwire Stealth Braid 300-Yard Spool Moss Green 15lbs.
Thank you for your support, buying your baits through these links below, and in the post above provides me a small commission. I always only link to stuff that was used on each trip that worked for us, so you can purchase with confidence they work.

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  1. My buddy was up at Deer Creek this past Saturday morning. He caught 19 bass from 7am to 12 noon. He was working a topwater popper and a 4 inch worm drop shot rig. I was going to head up there that afternoon, but I ended up at Utah Lake. I got caught up in a white bass frenzy and ended up catching 70+ white bass in a matter of a couple hours. I caught them on a Lucky Craft GDS SSR (discontinued) and the guy I was with was using a small silver spinner.

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