Deep Creek Reservoir Fishing – Largemouth Bass

Deep Creek Reservoir Fishing

Deep Creek Reservoir fishing for largemouth bass near Malad Idaho was incredible. My son’s and I went to Deep Creek Reservoir on an overnight camping trip, and caught around 30+ bass in a morning of fishing just walking the bank. Here are all the logistics of the trip including what baits we used, the conditions, and where we fished. Hopefully, you can use this information to get out “Kraken” bass on Deep Creek Reservoir. Enjoy this post!

Deep Creek Reservoir Fishing – Largemouth Bass

While out “Kraken Bass” I met a fellow fisherman who told me, “If you really want to catch bass, go to Deep Creek.” He told me this after I just finished having a fun time catching several fish out of Crowthers Reservoir. I told my buddy with me at the time, “if he doesn’t think Crowthers is very good for bass, Deep Creek must be amazing!” I spent many sleepless nights thinking about Deep Creek, and finally pulled the trigger to go there with my son’s on Labor day. My boys and I camped on the bank, and fished  in the morning. We caught plenty of bass. No giants, but my son had a blast catching them.

Here are the key things my sons and I discovered on Deep Creek Reservoir fishing for Largemouth Bass. Including the best baits to use, and a map of the best areas where we found fish. Plus, the conditions of the trip and any other pieces of information that might be helpful to get you or your family out “Kraken” bass!

Deep Creek Reservoir Fishing
My son’s at Deep Creek Reservoir Fishing for Largemouth Bass Had a Blast walking the bank, and catching fish.

Deep Creek Reservoir Fishing Conditions

Here are what the conditions where like for our first excursion out to Deep Creek Reservoir Fishing in south east Idaho. This trip transpired over Labor Day on September 4th. We didn’t fish super hard core hours because my boys love playing, and running around. The majority of our fishing happened from 7 am – 8:30 am and 10:30 – 12:00 pm. For a total of about 4 hours of fishing time.

Water Temperature

Around 70 degrees.


Bright Sunny Skies. Air Temperature High in the 90’s.


0 – 8 mph. Calm in the morning. Picked up to about 8 mph in the afternoon.

Water Clarity

Very Lightly Stained. Visibility about 8 feet deep.

Deep Creek Reservoir Fishing Baits

The bass at Deep Creek Reservoir near Malad Idaho attacked a variety of different baits. After some experimentation, we found the following baits and techniques to work the best. Here is what we used and how we fished with these baits to get “Kraken” bass.

Yamamoto Senko

The 4″ Green Pumpkin Senko was hands down the best bait for catching  numbers of fish. My son used this bait rigged up wacky with an o-ring to prevent us from losing to many baits on a 1/0 finesse wide gap hook. The key was to let it fall to the bottom, give it a couple little hops, and let it settle back down again. The bass would often suck it up, and swim off with it. You really had to pay attention to your line to make sure you gave them a solid hook set once it was in their mouth. The wacky rigged senko was perfect for my 5 year old. He had no problems casting and fishing with the senko on his little push button zebco reel on a short medium 6′ rod.

Swim Jig

The V&M 3/8 Watermelon Bluegill Swim Jig was a solid fish catcher as well. The key to connect on bass with the swim jig was to slowly reel it next to the edge of the weeds along the bank. I modified the swim jig up by trimming the skirt with scissors, so the skirt ended right at the back of the hook. Next, I added a 3.8 Keitech Smallmouth Magic Swimbait as a trailer. The subtle kick of this swimbait tail, and the subtle movement of the skirt on the jig was a perfect combo to get those bass chomping. Trimming the skirt is key to help free up your swimbait tail to kick on the jig on the retrieve. This swim jig also seemed to catch a little bigger fish compared to the senko.

Zoom Trick Worm

When things kind of slowed down the Finesse Green Pumpkin Zoom Trick Worm got things moving again. We caught several bass with this worm set up on a drop shot rig with a 1/8 oz drop shot weight, and a size 1 drop shot hook. Another key was to put the trick worm on the bait wacky style to give it a little more action. This wacky style rigging on a drop shot is a great way to get the bass biting when they get a little finicky.

Deep Creek Reservoir Fishing Largemouth Bass
Deep Creek Reservoir Fishing for Largemouth Bass was a ton of fun for my kids. The wacky rigged senko helped them catch several fish. Funny how kids love the little fish. My son wanted to show this one off.

Deep Creek Reservoir Fishing Map

Here is a map to the spots from the shore where we caught the most bass on Deep Creek Reservoir fishing. The key was to just walk the banks making casts at 45 degree angles and casts parallel to the shore. All the fish we caught except for a few were within 12 feet of the bank. If you can’t view the map, just subscribe in the form below to enjoy the stoke!

Deep Creek Reservoir Fishing Report

Here are some more details of my experience fishing Deep Creek Reservoir. Hopefully, you can pick up a few extra nuggets to help you catch more fish if you want to head out here. Overall, we caught around 30 bass in a morning of fishing. My son caught the majority of them. I was so busy unhooking his fish, that I hardly had a chance to catch a few of my own. Here’s how we got them “Kraken.”

In the middle of the night while I was sleeping in the tent, some people across the lake were having such a good time I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep. Naturally, at 3 am on any bass lake I slipped out to make a few casts along the bank with my frog. On about the 3rd cast off the point, I heard a loud Ka-Boosh! The bass scared me to death. I wound up getting a lot of strikes on the frog, but only managed to connect on 3 of them. Here’s one of those night bass.

Deep Creek Reservoir Fishing at Night
Deep Creek Reservoir Fishing at Night proved successful with the bright moon. I caught a few bass like this on a frog, and had several strikes I missed.

I was pumped with how many strikes I had. I knew my kids would get into bass in the morning. After climbing back in the tent, as soon as the sun came up we hit the water. I made one cast with a whopper plopper and ka-boom! Connected on a fun fish. My son came down and I casted the whopper plopper for him. He started reeling it back and another one hammered it! It was extremely exciting for both of us. I then gave my son a wacky rig senko on his pole he could cast by himself. Then for an hour in one spot he kept hauling them out. We had a blast.

Deep Creek Reservoir Bank Fishing
Deep Creek Reservoir Bank Fishing my son had a blast in one spot on this rock, catching bass after bass.

We got hungry, had breakfast, and I took down our tent which is always a process with a 5 year old and a 2 year old. After that we headed to the other side of the lake, because a few people pulled down into the spot we were fishing while we were putting our gear away. It didn’t matter though, the other side was just as good. I pulled out a swim jig to cover water and kept crushing them. At the same time my son was pulling them in on a senko. When things kind of slowed down around 10:30 am we both tied on drop shot rigs and kept sticking bass.

Deep Creek Reservoir Fishing
My 2 year old was more interested in eating breakfast and chilling in the chair on Deep Creek Reservoir Fishing

It was an incredibly awesome experience. My son who was 5 didn’t want to stop. Things got a little too hot for us in the afternoon though, and we called it a day. The little guys were troopers. Plus, I think they had some fun. The 2 year old just came for the snacks, he wasn’t so interested in the fish.  It was kind of funny. Being outside with your family, enjoying the outdoors really created some amazing memories for us. I know I will remember this trip for the rest of my life. Where my son Monson first caught and released, “All by Himself” some largemouth bass.

Deep Creek Reservoir Fishing Camp
We camped out on a point that over looked the lake while fishing Deep Creek Reservoir.

One last note about Deep Creek Reservoir. There were some big signs that said, “No water vessels of any kind allowed.” Even though the place had an old abandoned boat ramp don’t plan on trying to launch anything here including pontoons or float tubes. The bank fishing was awesome still. We had no need for a boat or another vessel.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog for more great trip reports this fall. Fall bass fishing is in my opinion is the best. There are way less people on the water, and the bass are in chomping mode. If you are struggling to know what to use to catch fish this fall. Take a look at my Bait Selection Charts below. My mission is to provide you the tools and info you need to help you spend your precious time “Kraken” more fish!

As Always,

Stay Stoked!

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