Best Baits Lake Mohave Bass Fishing

Here is a bag with some of the best baits to use on Lake Mohave bass fishing for Largemouth and Smallmouth bass. Lake Mohave is a very crystal clear deep desert lake. The bass can often be very finnicky, but these bait have been proven to work year after year. Below is a detailed description of what is included in this bag of baits to help you spend less time guessing on what to use, and more time “Kraken” bass!




Lake Mohave Bait Bag
Here are some of the best baits for Lake Mohave bass fishing. In the clear waters of Lake Mohave the right presentation and bait is crucial for getting bites.


Lake Mohave Bait Bag

The Lake Mohave Bait Bag includes the following softplastics and terminal tackle ready for you to throw right out of the bag. Plus, I do a little custom coloring which seems to help get a few more bites. The Lake Mohave Bag comes with a total of 9 baits. Here is a list of what’s in the bag.

  • 2 Yamamoto Senko’s
  • 2 Gamaktsu 4/0 Offset Hooks
  • 2 Gitzit Tubes Stupid Rigged ready to rock.
  • 2 Roboworms with a drop shot hook, and weight
  • 3 mystery baits which crush bass on this Lake!

Kraken Bass Bag



For more information on Fishing Lake Mohave make sure to check out some of my past trip reports to see some of these awesome baits in action. Check them out at the following link: Lake Mohave Fishing

lake mohave best baits
One of my biggest smallmouth bass caught on the baits in this bag while fishing Lake Mohave. Hopefully, they will work just as well for you.

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