Bass Fishing Quail Creek Reservoir

bass fishing quail creek reservoir

Bass fishing quail creek reservoir can be hit or miss for a lot of fisherman. One guy has figured them out, and was generous enough to let me share with you some of the things he discovered for “Kraken” Bass out of Quail Creek Reservoir. Here is what Todd Mecke, a Utah local angler, has learned about unlocking the jaws on some of the big largemouth bass found in this lake.


Bass Fishing Quail Creek Reservoir

When to go:

Todd has found summer to be a deadly time to catch the big bass lurking in Quail Creek Reservoir. The fishing pressure really slows down this time of year, and the bass’s metabolism speeds up with the warmer water. This is a deadly combination for crushing toads. It’s definitely hot, so be prepared with lots of fluids to keep yourself cool. If you can suffer through the heat, your odds of catching one of these beasts greatly increases this time of year.

bass quail creek reservoir

Where to fish:

A lot of people tend to fish shallow for bass, but Todd has found you need to abandon the shoreline and go deep. Look for structure like rocky points, humps, and ledges in the 20 – 30 foot range. A good indicator to find big bass is to look for the trout. Todd said to find, “points and ledges adjacent to 50+ feet of water.” The reason he feels these are good places is because the trout will move to the deep cold water in the summer, but occasionally will come up to the 20 – 30 foot range to feed on crayfish. Thus, the big bass hang there waiting to snap up a trout. Todd caught several trout along with the giant bass he was catching. The key is finding the sweet spot where those bass are hanging, and keep the bait down there.

largemouth bass quail creek

What to use:

Drawing on his experience fishing the clear water lakes in Arizona, Todd told me he loves to use a roboworm. In one of his recent trips he responded to me saying, “Another great weekend at Quail. The roboworm 7″ morning dawn red flake did the job again.”  Todd has also beefed up his finesse presentations for these big bass. He used to throw only 6 pound mono, but has since upgraded to 8 pound fluorocarbon line. He said a 9 pounder took so long to land on the light gear, the bass wasn’t able to survive the fight. Plus, he had several break off with such light line. It still haunts him he had to keep the 9 pound fish, and has prepared himself to not let it happen again.

How to catch them:

In Todd’s own words, “The key is deep and slow (20-30 ft). Quail is a very fertile lake with an abundance of forage for the fish, but hard work and patience pays off big time at this lake.”

Don’t be in a big hurry. You want to really soak that bait. Do whatever you need to do to get the bait down deep, and keep it in front of their faces. The carolina rig, drop shot, and even tubes can be great baits to get down deep to get those big ones to bite.

Every one of these pictures strung threw this post are beasts caught by Todd and his son Steven using these tactics bass fishing quail creek reservoir. If this doesn’t get you stoked to go out “Kraken” Bass I don’t know what will.

bass fishing quail creek reservoir

Special thanks to Todd for willing to share with all of us his insights on getting to “Hog Heaven” bass fishing Quail Creek Reservoir. If you have fishing reports you would like to share, feel free to contact me through the contact page. I’d love to hear from you.

As Always,

Stay Stoked!!!


Gear to Use:

Here are links to what I would use from Todd’s information bass fishing Quail Creek Reservoir

Spinning Rod & Reel Set up:
Abu Garcia Spinning Reel
Shimano Convergence 7’2″ Medium Heavy Spinning Worm Rod

roboworm 7″ morning dawn red flake


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