Bass Fishing Arsenal – Gearing up!

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I’ve got my eyes fixed on some epic looking baits and techniques to try  in all types of different fishing conditions. Here are the things I’ve seen, heard, or read about people crushing bass with. I’m hoping to add them to my bass fishing arsenal, so I can get geared up for next year as we approach the cold of winter. I hope it will give you some good ideas of different things to try, and help you get “armed to the teeth” to get “Kraken” bass!


Bass Fishing Arsenal – Gearing up!

I always have ideas floating around in my head, and have seen several things surfing the web for bass fishing. Here is my list of three baits and patterns I’m stoked off my brain to try from my research. These baits will add to anyone’s arsenal, and get  bigger bass into our hands for next year. They are worth trying if you haven’t tied one of them on already.

1. Gliding Swimbaits –

I currently don’t have any of these in my tackle box, but they are on my hit list. I’ve read, seen pictures, and watched videos of some big beasts caught on these baits.  The only problem is they are expensive! If I ever tie one of these on, I’m triple checking my line to make sure they don’t break off. Here are two sweet videos I found to get you amped and show you how to use a gliding swimbait. Plus, here are the links to my favorites to try and pick up for your tackle box.

River 2 Sea S-Waver 168S
Megabass I-slide
Roman Made Negotiator

Videos on Gliding Swimbaits:


How to use a Gliding Swimbait:


2. Wobble Heads –

There has been a lot of buzz and excitement around fishing soft plastics on wobble or swinging jig heads. Professional angler Tommy Biffle has made a living on fishing them for years. Recently this year another pro angler Mark Davis used them to dominate in a tournament. It helped put the swinging jig head even more in the lime light. Since then, a lot of manufacturers have been scrambling to produce more jig heads like this. I’ve experimented a little bit with them, and have caught some nice bass on a wobble head (picture at top of page is a wobble head bass). It’s a fun way to fish. You can either power fish with them banging off rocks like crankbaits, or finesse fish them slowly crawling the bait along. Both of these methods seem to draw strikes. Here are some links to grab some wobble jig heads, and baits to try on them. Plus, a couple videos of the legend Tommy Biffle explaining how he uses this technique.

Biffle Hardhead Jig Head 7/16-Ounce Copperhead (Brown)
Biffle Bug Green Pumpkin (8-Pack), 4.25-Inch
Strike King Mark Davis Jointed Structure Head, 1/2-Ounce, Blue Craw
Strike King Rage Twin Tail Menace, Blue Craw, 4-Inch

Video’s by bass pro Tommy Biffle explaining how to rig up and fish a wobble head:


3. Wakebaits –

Wakebaits come in all different shapes and sizes. They  have been around for awhile, but I’ve yet to use them. I’m excited to try picking up a few this year and chuck them around. Here are links to some of the ones I’ve got my eye on to try out this next season. Plus, a simple video illustrating the effectiveness of wakebaits to get you started fishing with them.

Jackall Mikey Junior Bait, 3.8-Inch, 5/8-Ounce, HL Aurora Black
Rapala BX Waking Minnow
Storm Arashi Wake Crank
Spro BBZ 1 Rat

Video on fishing a Wakebait:


I hope these video’s and baits get you excited about beefing up your arsenal to get “kraken” bass! The bass fishing industry is always evolving and changing. Nothing is more exciting to me than figuring out a new way to get those big bass to bite. Hope this helps you for your next trip out on the water. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog to keep up to date with posts on great techniques and baits. Plus, leave a comment about what you thought about this post.

As Always,

Stay Stoked!


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  1. Awesome post man! Another wake bait you should check out is the black dog bait shell cracker. I really want to get one of those for next year. And wow thos gliding swimbaits are awesome too. I’ve never seen them before.

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