5 Reason’s Why Traditional Bass Fishing Is Broken

Did you know America’s 30 million bass anglers are the basis of a $60 billion industry? It’s true! Fishing is big business and a major American institution.

Here’s the problem you face. When fishing becomes big business, these institutions start caring more about profits. Instead of the success of the angler supporting them.

What this really means is you will always be a target for a new product. They are paid to sell you things regardless of the product works or not. They want you to think that you have to have their newest thing to out fish your buddies at the next tournament.

Check out this video of 5 reason’s why traditional bass fishing is broken because of the big business driving it. To help you avoid the pitfalls many of us fall victim to. Myself included!

What Pitfalls Have You Run Into With The Bass Fishing Industry?

Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear what things you have seen in the bass fishing industry that have been frustrating for you. If anything, it’s a nice place to get our frustrations out, and find solutions for our problems.

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