5 Good Night Bass Fishing Lures

Good Night Bass Fishing Lures

Here are 5 good night bass fishing lures to help you with night fishing. Included in this article is a description of the lures, and how to use them at night for optimal results. Also, there is a little video run-down of these lures to help you visualize these baits, and the video describes why these baits work for night fishing. Night fishing is often touted as one of the best ways to catch fish, but you won’t get a sniff if you don’t modify your lures to the different conditions associated with the darkness. Use these night fishing lures, and tips to help you beat the heat and “Krak” some bass this summer.

5 Good Night Bass Fishing Lures

Night bass fishing is very different from fishing during traditional daylight hours, so you need to use different baits to get the attention of those bass. Is night fishing good? It can be decent, if you modify your approach. The thing I love about night bass fishing is it really helps you get more tuned into “the feel” of bass fishing. When I was a kid I used to go out on golf course ponds at night. Fishing at night helped me develop a better sense of what my bait was doing by feel with a rod in my hands. Plus, night fishing helped me recognize strikes better. Here are the 5 lures I’ve used over the years to produce bites at night from bass.

Jackhammer Chatterbait

A chatterbait is a stellar night bass fishing lure. The Evergreen Jackhammer in black and blue with a black and blue yamamoto zako trailer is sure to get some bites at night. The reason this lure works so well at night is two fold. First, the hammering blade as you retrieve puts off extra vibration. This vibration makes it easier for bass to key in on the bait at night. Bass can’t see as well in the dark, so vibration and water displacement is a big deal. Bass will rely on their lateral lines more at night to help them detect prey. Lastly, the jackhammer chatterbait is great at cutting through cover and grass. It’s hard to make accurate casts at night, so a bait that doesn’t hang up to much makes your night easier. If you’ve never fished a chatterbait before make sure you check out my post on when to fish a chatterbait.

Night Bass Fishing Lures - Chatterbait
One of the best Night Bass Fishing Lures is this Jackhammer Chatterbait in black and blue with a black and blue Yammamoto Zako trailer. This lure catches good numbers of bass like this at night.

Big Wacky Worm

A big wacky worm like the 6.8 Jackall flick shake produces good quality bites at night. The bigger thicker 7 inch size worms stand out a little more at night with their bulk. Plus, the subtle wobbling on both ends of the bait as it falls helps move water so the bass can detect the bait better too. Motion is lotion at night, so use a subtle big wacky worm if the moving baits don’t get bit. I use a 1/16 oz wacky jig head for this worm to get it down deeper. The little weed guard on the jig head helps keep the bait clean as you work it around cover. Tie on a Big Jackall Flickshake when nothing else seems to be working for night bass fishing.

night bass fishing lure jackall flickshake worm
Here’s a good bass caught on the Jackall Flickshake worm a solid night bass fishing lure.


Black Frog

A black popping frog like the Live Target Popping frog is an excellent lure for night bass fishing. It creates a dark silhouette on the surface of the water, so the bass can key in on it better. Plus, the extra lip popping action creates a little more disturbance to draw the bass in. Working this bait slowly on the surface at night can draw some sweet strikes. Listen close, so you can hear those blow ups. Don’t forget to swing hard with braided line to set the hook into those bass with a frog. A popping frog is a sure way to get the stoke juice flowing to catch bass night fishing.

night bass fishing lures black frog
The black popping frog is one of the best night bass fishing lures out there to draw out some good fish. This guy choked one down at 4:00am in the pitch dark.


Big Jig

A big 1/2 oz strike king football jig, and a big trailer like the yamamoto flapping hog is a sweet lure for night fishing. The bulk and movement of the skirt, the thump of the jig on the bottom, and the dark profile of the black and blue all contribute to chomp mode from the bass at night. When you need to get down deep in heavy cover a jig is a great option. A jig will also maintain good contact with the bottom, so you can tell what type of cover is laying down there. Tie a jig on, for some heart pounding thumps from the bass at night.

night bass fishing baits jig
Another top night bass fishing bait is a big football jig. This bass crunched a jig in the middle of the night in the summer time.


Underspin Swimbait

Lastly, an under spin swimbait is another legit option for night bass fishing lures. The movement of the boot tail, and the spin of the blade help draw the attention of the bass in the dark. One of my favorite underspins is the road runner, and I pair it up with a swim senko trailer. The swim senko has a big wobble, and slim profile to keep those blades turning on your underspin. The bass seem to enjoy this set up decently in the darkness. Under spins cover a lot of water quickly too, so you can explore good areas faster when you go out night fishing.

night bass fishing lure underspin swimbait
Last on the list of good night bass fishing lures is an underspin swimbait. This bass chomped it down late at night around 11:00pm.


Night Bass Fishing Lures Video

This video run down of 5 good night bass fishing lures helps you see these baits up close. Plus, I walk through some of the reasoning behind why these baits outperform other lures at night. Unfortunately, I’m not experienced enough to film at night or I would have tried to get some night action on camera. Give me some tips for night filming, and I’ll happily try them out. Hopefully, this will suffice along with the pictures shown in this article on how good night fishing can be with these lures. Enjoy the video!

Additional Thoughts on Night Bass Fishing Lures

Is night fishing better, than daytime fishing? No, but sometimes it can be. The key is switching out the normal lures you use to darker colors. Furthermore, use lures with big movements even with your finesse baits. You should give night fishing a try, but it can be frustrating not being able to see where you cast. One thing I’ve noticed at night is the type of fishing line you use doesn’t seem to matter. Even when fishing clear water. Use braided line at night, because you can detect the bites better with the increased sensitivity from braid. You won’t miss out on bites at night with thicker line because bass vision goes down.

One more thing, The links above and below in this post are affiliate links were you can pick up baits, rod’s, reels, line, and anything else I use to “Krak” some bass fishing with these lures. Use these good night fishing lures to catch more fish at night. Krakenbass receives a small percentage of the sales through these links. I only use links to baits, and gear I personally trust and know work. These links are here to be helpful for you, and not for the small amount I make for the sale of the products. I hope these products can help you “krak” some bass like they have for me. Thank you for your support!

As always,

Stay Stoked!!!

good night bass fishing lures
Here are 5 good night bass fishing lures shown in this picture from left to right – Jackhammer Chatterbait, Live Target Poppin Frog, Jackall Flickshake Worm, Underspin w/ Swim Senko, Strike King Football Jig w/ Yamamoto Flapping Hawg.

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  1. I have received your blogs for couple years and have greatly appreciated all the tips. I am still a noob at bass fishing, but do know a little about night filming, so have chance to give a little back. Grab an ir emitter such as https://www.amazon.com/Infrared-Illuminator-Power-Vision-Camera/dp/B01D73XM24/
    Set it up behind your camera and keep any flash lights used pointing away from camera and you should be golden. So from stern of boat forward to bass the order would be : ir source-camera-you-flashlight(pointing toward fish)-and then the just ‘kracked’ bass. Hope this helps.

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