10 Baits You Need For Fishing In Sand Hollow

10 good fishing lures sand hollow

Sand Hollow is a great place to catch numbers and good-sized bass in Utah. Here’s a list of 10 baits that work great on this reservoir and what you can do to use them right to catch some bass–especially if you’re feeling frustrated about everyone else catching them when you’re not.

This article also contains a little video action of my recent trip, so you can get a better idea of these baits in action. It will help you know what to expect when you go out to fish Sand Hollow.

10 Good bass fishing lures sand hollow

1. Jackall Flick Shake Worm

The Jackall Flick Shake Worm really slays bass on sand hollow. It’s got a unique profile and comes in great natural colors the bass in Sand Hollow can’t resist.

Fish this bait in two ways for best results. The first way is on a weighted wacky hook to get it down deep and entice the big ones. The second way is to use it on a drop shot rig to dangle it in front of the bass to get them to eat. Less is more when working this bait. Simply let it hover and sit along the bottom.

jackal flick shake worm

2. Roboworm

A Roboworm has incredible natural action as well–it draws a lot of bites on Sand Hollow. This bait will work really well through the spring, summer, and fall to catch bass. You can fish it in a variety of ways to get bass to bite.

First, try throwing it wacky style on a drop shot rig. Bass love this! Next, try throwing it on a Carolina rig to get it deep, letting the bait glide along through the grass. Lastly, don’t forget to put this on a shaky head. Use any of these three rigs for this bait and you are sure to put more bass in the boat.

3. Zoom Fluke

A Zoom Fluke is a lethal bait on Sand Hollow. It imitates a dying baby bass or bluegill, both of which bass love to feed on in this reservoir. Flukes work great on a weightless Texas rig style along the damns at Sand Hollow. Also, try throwing them around the flooded brush with this same rig.

Throughout the majority of the year, the bass live pretty deep in Sand Hollow, so the best way to get them on a fluke is on a Carolina rig. Drag that baby along the bottom and prepare for some sweet strikes.

good baits sand hollow zoom fluke

4. Yamamoto Senko

Senkos are classic baits that work well on Sand Hollow. The key is to get the right colors for the clear water in the reservoir. My favorite colors are natural shad, baby bass, and green pumpkin watermelon laminate. This lure can be fished many different ways to catch bass on Sand Hollow.

The best ways to throw a Senko are with a weightless Texas style around the heavy cover or paired on a light Texas rig. The sky’s the limit with how you want to fish a Senko. Simply remember that the key is to make sure it always falls to the bottom and then sits for a short moment before you move it. The bass in Sand Hollow are visual feeders, so they need a minute before they decide to hit something.

Yamamoto Senko sand hollow good fishing baits


5. Diawa Neko Fat

The Diawa Neko Fat is phenomenal bait for bass on Sand Hollow. It’s designed similar to a Senko, but has a little more wobble in the tail as it falls. It’s just unique enough that the bass don’t get see it as much, helping you catch fish others missed.

The best way to fish the Neko Fat is the Neko style as described. Make sure you let it fall all the way to the bottom and slowly twitch it along. It’s great for fishing deep through the grass. Increase the size of your weight to get down to the bottom faster.

good sand hollow fishing lures Diawa Neko fat

6. Megabass Vision 110 Jerkbait

The Megabass Vision 110 Jerkbait draws a lot of strikes on Sand Hollow. The bass can see it from far away in the clear water and it looks so natural they they will eat it out of pure instinct. Sharp jerks with an occasional lengthy pause is the key for getting bites on this bait.

The Vision 110 comes in three different depth diving sizes. The regular Vision 110 dives 3 – 5 feet. The Vision 110 +1 will get dive to 7 – 10 feet. Lastly, the Vision 110 +2 will dive 12 – 15 feet. Pick one that will get down to where you feel the fish. Plus, don’t forget to use 100% fluorocarbon line because the bass in Sand Hollow are extremely line shy.

sand hollow fishing lures

7. Keitech Easy Shiner

The Keitech Easy Shiner has a super slim, natural profile the bass at Sand Hollow love. A simple cast and a slow retrieve will do the trick. For even better results, make sure to keep your swimbait low and close along the bottom.

The keys to fishing a swimbait is having a good jig head to put it on and making sure your swimbait is laying straight; if you don’t, you’ll struggle to catch much. I like the Owner Ball Head’s in 1/8, 3/16, or 1/4 oz. sizes. The heavier the weight, the deeper you can go.

Another next-level trick is to color your jig heads to match your swimbait. As mentioned before, the bass at Sand Hollow are extremely visual feeders. Matching your jigs and your bait will make a big difference in the number of bites you get.

8. Yamamoto 4.5 Ika

The Yamamoto 4.5 Ika is a unique offering a lot of folks haven’t seen, but it is a slim, natural profile the bass really seem to dig on Sand Hollow. It mimics a tiny crawfish found in this reservoir that the bass regularly feed on. Match the color to the crawfish in green or brown colors for best results.

You can rig this up a variety of ways: on a drop shot rig, a ned rig head, or even Texas rig on small light wire hook with a 1/8 oz. bullet weight. This lure will get you a lot of bites. Try it. You won’t be disappointed.

good sand hollow bait ika 4.5

9. Z-Man TRD

The Z-man TRD is a great way to catch bass on Sand Hollow. The small 3″ bait set up on a ned head is an all-around bass catcher. It works so well because it is a perfect representation of cray fish, small baby bass, or bluegills–all of which the bass regularly feed on in the reservoir.

This is a great bait to throw when there is a lot of fishing pressure and you can’t seem to get a bite. The key is to make sure it sits on the bottom for long periods of time; it should be really still and barely move along. Simply move it a small inch at a time. You will for sure catch bass on Sand Hollow with this bait and this technique.

sand hollow fishing bait z-man trd

10. Bluegill Imitation Crankbait

When the wind picks up on Sand Hollow, a crankbait can really trigger some big bass–and a lot of them! It’s essential you use a bluegill color pattern for best results. True green and light green colors are what the bass seem to prefer. The water is so clear and they need something that looks as natural as possible if you want to get a lot of bites.

Another key to crankbait fishing is to get your bait down, bumping the rocks and the cover. Use deep divers to get to the bottom where they like to lay. Some of the biggest bass in Sand Hollow fall victim to big, bluegill, deep diving crankbaits.

Good Sand Hollow Fishing Baits Video

Here’s a video of some of these baits in action on Sand Hollow in May. It will give you a good idea of how to set them up and how to fish them. Plus, it’ll help you see how great the fishing can be on this reservoir when you are fishing it right with the gear in this article.

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