Hook Sharpener

  • Diamond 600 Grit Stone – The high grit count of diamond on this sharpener provides extra sharp fishing Hooks and Knives.
  • Retractable Sharpening Surface – Protects diamond stone sharpening area for durability to sharpen hooks and knives for a long time.
  • Fishing Hook Sharpening Groves – Easy hook placement to sharpen all kinds of fishing hooks including treble hooks, worm hooks, crankbaits, jigs, and other fishing lures.
  • Three Sides for Fishing Hooks and Knives – The triangular shaped sharpening stone allows for easy switching to sharpen all angles of the fishing hook and knife you need.
  • Pocket Size Clip – Small size easily fits in tackle bags, fishing shirt pockets, and travel friendly.


Hook Sharpener
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There are ton of fishing hook files on the market. Honestly, I’ve used a lot of them, and the best ones have longer sharpening stones to give you a longer stroke. Another helpful feature on a good hook file is groves in the stone. The groves in the file make it easier for sharpening hooks. Diamond stones are the best because they will sharpen anything knives included. Also, you need to consider grit count on your stone. A lower grit count for 100 – 200 is rougher and will grind the edge more, but won’t get it as sharp. A higher end grit around 800 – 1000 will give you a nice fine edge.


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