Winter Bass Fishing Kit

Please allow 2 weeks for shipping and packaging due to individual custom modifications for each order.

Spro Phat Fly (2) – 1/8 oz Grey Ghost
Spro Phat Fly (2) – 1/8 oz Bluegill
Bobber Stoppers (6)
Floats (2) – Danielson Foam Slip Floats
Blade Bait (1) – Damiki Vault Holo Ayu 1/4 oz



In this kit are my favorite blade baits, floats, and flies for winter bass fishing. These are hand made by myself so please allow at least a couple weeks for shipping and handling. Check out what’s included above, and snag you a kit for some wintertime fishing. Plus, don’t forget to check out the video on my YouTube Channel to see this thing in action; Winter Bass Fishing Video


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