Fishing Weigh Scale

  • LCD screen displays weight in g., kg., lb., and oz., easy to see in all lighting conditions, portable digital scale
  • Stainless steel hook with magnet mount for streamline storage and no rust in your tackle box
  • Weighing units switch between oz., kg., lbs. with a data lock to keep track of fish weights
  • 110lb./50kg. capacity with 5g. or 10g. accuracy easily weighs fish, bags, and other unique items
  • Built-in tape measure in cm., in., and ft. within 1mm. length to record heights and lengths of fish


Show Off The Size Of Your Catch With A Kraken Bass Weigh Scale

Did you catch a big one and didn’t really know if it was your Personal Best (PB)? I have totally been there, so I created this easy-to-use digital scale to carry around with me anytime I go bass fishing. Here’s some of the benefits you will experience with this scale:


Don't Take My Word For It

William R.
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Very well thought out fishing scale. Digital numbers are large enough to read easily. I like the feature where the scale (beeps), and the fish weight shown on the scale remains on the readout window so you can release the fish and come back to check the weight again before hitting the reset button. 30” pull-our measuring scale is longer than most other scales. All things considered, I am very glad I made this purchase and recommend you add this item to your tackle box.
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Mine arrive super quick! I love the colors of this scale. Makes it really stand out, The LED light display, is perfect for night fishing. As well as very easy to use. What’s even more awesome is that it has a measuring tape built into it, no need to carry any extra equipment, over all my favorite part of this scale is how accurate the readings are, compared to other high end over priced scales, I extremely recommend this very affordable scale!
Carsten W.
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The Kraken Bass Fishing Scale is great! It is small enough to fit in my tackle box but big enough to weigh the beast that I catch once in a while. I was initially sceptical about purchasing it because it was only $20 but decided to try it out. It performed better than I could have imagined! It has a feature that sets the weight after it has been on the scale for a few seconds so you don't have to worry about your fish keeping still the whole time to get an accurate read. The other cool thing is the tape measure. When I bought it i did not realize it had a tape measure. As soon as it came in the mail and I got it and saw I could measure my fish as well as weigh it I was sold. The Kraken Bass Fishing Scale is the best thing on the market for mobile fish scales. If you are a fisherman that wants people to believe you when you say how big your fish are then this is the scale for you.

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