A Simple System To Become A Bass Slayer Without Spending Thousands On "New Lures & Equipment"

Kraken Bass Total Transformation training is specifically designed for those who desire to elevate their bass fishing to not only catch more big bass... but to eliminate the time & complexity of bass fishing with a framework to make you into a bass master however you want to go at it.

Why most people fail with bass fishing

Did you know fishing generates more revenue than Google, Chrysler, or Lockheed Martin per year? It’s true! The economic impact of bass fishing in the United States is more than $115 billion each year!

Most people think bass fishing is easy to figure out with all the free information from paid pros, sponsored YouTubers, and big companies. It’s really the opposite. Those professionals really want to sell you everything they are paid to promote in order to generate more sales for these already giant companies.

What this means is that you will never get a straight answer about what to use. They are paid to promote items whether they work or not. They definitely won’t tell you how and what they really used to win, due to their scarcity mentality.

It dawned on me I totally could catch more bass if I used a framework of the key things that influenced bass behavior. I was surprised bass fishing hadn't been simplified like that anywhere else.

The Story Of How I Changed Things…

I always loved the outdoors, spent a lot of time hunting and fishing with my dad when I was young. but life got in the way as I got older and I didn’t make it a priority. Career, Family, A ton of excuses.

I really wanted to get back into it, and create experiences with my family like my dad did with me. Some of my best memories for sure.Deep down I was intimidated. It felt like I didn’t have what I needed to do it right. The investment seemed overwhelming. A lot of internal doubts.

I deep dove head first going online, and consuming everything I could find on bass fishing with everyone. I was spinning my wheels with my time and money trying everything main stream professional bass fishing was throwing at me. 

One day through this journey I remember binge listening to bass fishing podcasts. I picked up something I never noticed before. It struck me how much they talked about season, water temperature, and weather conditions.

It dawned on me I totally could catch more bass if I used a framework of the key things that influenced bass behavior. I was surprised bass fishing hadn’t been simplified like that anywhere else. I decided it was time for me to outline a framework of what worked in different situations for me to be able go out and catch big bass like I wanted to. 

I struggled along for 10 years, with a trip here or there still juggling family, work, and life in general. I wondered if what I was doing was worth it. Eventually my success started growing. Others took notice and started asking me for advice. 

Because of my career with a degree in communications my super power has always been to make complex subjects easy for people to understand. I realized that I could turn this framework into a course with my expertise, and provide for others these same awesome results I was experiencing anywhere they lived.

I quickly have grown a following and became a go-to guy for making bass fishing simple and easy to help others catch more bass. I now know when, where, and what to use to enable them to catch bass. I have helped hundreds have amazing experiences outside fishing together that bring people closer. 

Introducing… Kraken Bass Total Transformation Training

Kraken Bass Fishing Mastery System Total Transformation training is specifically designed for those who desire to elevate their bass fishing to not only catch more big bass... but to eliminate the time & complexity of bass fishing with a framework to make you into a bass master however you want to go at it.

bass fishing course

What's Included:

The Kraken Bass Roadmap

30 Bass Fishing Transformational Training Videos

Re-watchable, lifetime access, review at your own pace. Step-by-step condensed 5-minute tutorials.

This section eliminates the confusion on all the stuff people are trying to sell you about what you need to catch bass effectively.

Workshop Training Includes:

  • What You Need To Know About Rods & Reels To Catch Big Bass
  • How Picking The Wrong Line Will Prevent You From Getting Bites
  • 5 Types of Baits Bass Will Always Eat
  • Proven Tackle & Lures Why They Work

This section will increase your productivity by learning how to efficiently operate & manage your gear to catch more big bass. 

Workshop Training Includes:

  • Secrets For Adding Line to Your Reels For Lots of Bass
  • How To Stop Big Bass From Breaking Off
  • Casting Secrets To Get Your Bait Out Further & In The Right Spots
  • Simplify Strategies To Always Have What you Need When You Need It Without Spending A Ton of Money.

This training series walks through what baits you actually need to always catch bass whenever you hit the water.

Workshop Training Includes:

  • Softplastic Lures Bass Always Eat
  • Swimbait Fishing Mastery
  • Most Effective Hardbaits for Catching Bigs
  • The Secrets to Bladed Baits
  • Topwater Tips Nobody Has Taught You

This section of trainings will prevent you from the little mistakes that will turn bass away. It will walk you through all the rigging, and fishing the proven fish catching baits.

  • Texas Rig The Right Way For More Bites
  • Drop Shot Mastery
  • Carolina Rig Secrets
  • Slay More On Wacky Rigs
  • Uncover How to Work Your Baits More Effectively

This section of trainings will provide you the tricks on how to hook up on more bass without them getting away. 

Workshop training includes:

  • How to Detect Bites Other Fisherman Miss
  • Bass Landing Success Secrets
  • What You Need To Know To Always Have Bass To Catch

This section walks through what you need to know on how to find the best bass fishing holes on your water.

Workshop Training Includes:

  • The Secret Keys To Finding Places With Lots of Bass
  • Where The Bass Hide So You Can Catch Them
  • Water Contour Mastery To Read Where Bass Are On Any Water

This section of trainings will show you what you need to know about bass behavior secrets to predict what you need to use, and where you need to go to catch them. 

Workshop Training Includes:

  • Seasonal Pattern Prediction Precision
  • Weather Adapting Tricks: Know How To Change When Things Change To Keep Catching Them
  • How To Pick The Perfect Bait To Not Get Skunked

This section of trainings will walk you some solid tricks to empower you to catch bass when no one else is.

Workshop Training Includes:

  • What To Do To Avoid Getting Skunked
  • 5 Biggest Reasons You Aren’t Catching Fish

What's Included:

The Mastery System Transformation Training Bass Roadmap

4 Hours Of Masterclasses Revealing A Complete System To Transform Your Approach To Catch More Big Bass

Re-watchable, lifetime access, review at your own pace. Step-by-step condensed trainings.

If you want to know exactly where to go before you get on the lake, this training is for you.This course outlines a simple system to unlock the best spots to catch bass on any lake fast. In this training you will discover why bass will be in certain spots. Plus, speed up your ability to get to those magic honey holes without wasting your time in places with no fish to catch. 


How different would your bass fishing look if you completely understood how water conditions predict bass behavior? This training shows you. You will discover how to quickly adjust on the fly to keep catching bass as the water conditions change. Armed with this knowledge others have gone on to confidently enter bass fishing tournments. Get the keys to knowing how water temperature, water clarity, rising and falling water sitiuations will position the fish so you can catch them. 

You cannot catch bigger bass if you don’t know how to actually get bass to bite even when you find where they are at. With this work shop you able to know the secrets and “krak the code” of what will make a big bass bite on your waters. Uncover the layers of what your bait needs to do in order to draw strikes. Plus, find out the strike scale to give you a better idea of what retrieve you should be doing to fool more bass to bite your baits. 

How different would your bass fishing success be if you knew what the bass were thinking? This training will give you the keys of awareness on how to read the fish, and get to the places they are heading too before anyone else. You will be able to recognize what things you should be paying attention too that 90% of other anglers miss to unlock the mystery to catch them. Plus, develop better “intuition or gut instincts” to hear what the bass are telling you to change it up and be more successful. 

But That's not All!

There will be nothing left in the way of your success with these high ticket Bonus's INCLUDED FREE !!

Monthly On-The-Water Application Trainings

Catch Them All The Time, Every Month Of The Year With 12 (Jan – Dec) Application Trainings

You can catch bass all year long without worrying about the timing of your fishing trip. See how to use the information in your master class trainings and apply it to every season of the year. 

You’ll wreck more bass than others at the lake without buying all the baits the locals tell you to use by knowing how to break down any place you go. 

You will enjoy fishing all year long without wasting hours searching for bass all over the lake by finding the key trends to look for every time of year so you can consistently keep catching bass. 

Normally $997


Bass Hacks Tools Bundle

Game Change Your Fishing With 5 Bass Hack Tools Quick Read eBooks & Charts To Keep On Deck

Save even more time on the water with Quick Scan Charts. Know what lure & color to use to start immediately catching bass

Save money by narrowing your lure selection to what is proven to work so you can stop mindlessly wandering down the tackle aisle or asking others what they are using.

Catch more bass with proven knowledge to become a master bass fisherman by knowing what to do in every situation. 

Normally $110


Private Community

Get Even More Collaborative Insights From Like-Minded Anglers In This Exclusive Private FaceBook Group

Get quick, real-time answers to your questions without wading through endless online rabbit holes to find what you are looking for.

See how others also apply the information you gain and get fresh perspectives on what you can do to catch more fish.

Keep up with any of the new trends in bass fishing without having to subscribe to a million different channels, so you can instantly know what types of lures and baits are working right now.

Normally $157


Exclusive Lifetime Email Access

Continually Upgrade Your Bass Fishing With Direct Email Access To Troubleshoot Any Challenges You Encounter.

Don’t waste hours of searching to figure it out on your own, and get straight answers about problems you might be encountering from a guy who has experienced it all. 

Effectively handle any misconceptions about bass fishing by gaining direct correspondence with a pro guide, so nothing can get in your way of catching more bass.

Stop stressing about where to turn for answers ask me directly for help with your bass fishing, so you can experience more confidence by getting the extra details that produce the most results.  

Normally $500


Private Bass Fishing Audit

Have A Professional Guide Show You How To Catch More Bass With A Private One-On-One Coaching Call To Audit Your Bass Fishing

Straight shooting information based on real-time, one-on-one feedback with me. I’ll help you transform your fishing without hours of trial and error on the water.

Gain confidence to know what you are doing will work. You’ll get a trusted opinion on what you could be doing to catch more bass without being led astray from some local dock-talk

Get a clear picture of what you can do to catch more bass on your next trip with a full break-down with me, so you don’t brood about why you didn’t catch fish all weekend in disappointment.

Normally $500


Get the entire Total Transformation Training today!

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  • Bass Hacks Tools Bundle ($110 Value)
  • Exclusive Facebook Group ($157 Value)
  • Private Bass Fishing Audit ($500 Value)
  • Monthly On-The-Water Application Trainings ($997 Value)
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  • Exclusive Lifetime Email Access ($500 Value)
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I personally guarantee the results from all of my bass fishing programs. If you try this program for 30 days and you are not happy with the results, we will refund you. 

In addition, I will personally buy you a 1 year subscription to bass master magazine if you are un-satisfied in any way. 

All you have to do is send us an email with your request.

Real Fishermen, who went from frustrated to stoked on catching more bass!

Before I took the course I had no idea what I was doing. Didn’t know what to use or what to go. I was doing whatever trying what others where telling me. Now I’ve caught my biggest bass to date, and I always go out and catch some fish. I know I can go and catch something everytime. Saved me a ton of time and energy. 

Chris Mulvaney

I took the course to get more information on how I could  catch more fish on a regular basis. A lot of it helped me progress my bass fishing experience. I actually take the tools with me on my phone, and its helped me a lot to catch more fish and even bigger fish. You can go back and re-watch and learn even more. I loved the course.

Brian Allred

I’ve been following JB for a couple years. I didn’t know there was a such a thing as bass fishing in Utah. Low and Behold I found Kraken Bass. Had I found him earlier I would’ve saved at least $1000.00 bucks on gear!


Never bass fished ever. Very informative. Went out and caught bass the first time. Excellent. Worth every penny. Go for it and do it!


Frequently asked questions

No. You will have lifetime access to the course. This way you can go back and re-watch to see how or what you might be missing to improve your fishing. I get students all the time re-watching and learning new things as they go.

You can walk through the entire Mastery System Training in Under 4 hours. These trainings are under an that you can take your time on, or burn through. The real results come when you take it, and apply it to your fishing. 

I will refund your money no questions asked. Plus, I will personally buy you a one year subscription to bass master magazine. 

All the course trainings and material are provided through an online portal. Here you will be able to log-in and access your materials anywhere you have an internet connection. Re-visit and re-watch anytime. If you have any problems with software. Our team is available to get you in and troubleshoot any problems you are having. 

This training is the next step in your journey to become the consistent angler you want to become. It builds upon the principles in the foundations course, and takes them to a higher level. If you haven’t taken the foundations course, you might get lost with the content in these trainings. 

I recommend this course if you aren’t a novice or rookie anymore. If you’ve caught fish but not at the level you want, and know the fundamental bass fishing techniques. This is your spot. 


This course isn’t for everyone. Here’s some things you should know if this course is right for you before you begin.

  1. Not as succesful as you feel you should be.
  2. No longer a Rookie. 
  3. If your not sure where you fit, just get started. I will fully re-fund your money if it doesn’t work for you. I purposely provided the high level ticket bonus’s to overcome any barriers that would get in your way of catching bass with this training. 


This is the next step up from my foundations bass fishing secrets course. If you feel like you are more of a beginner you should start with the foundations training first.