Sand Hollow Bass Fishing Guide Book

  • Intro about Sand Hollow
  • Spring Fishing Sand Hollow; March – May
  • Summer Fishing Sand Hollow; June – August
  • Night Fishing!
  • Fall Fishing Sand Hollow; September – November
  • Winter Fishing Sand Hollow; December – February
  • Shore Fishing Sand Hollow
  • Solid Baits for Sand Hollow
  • Extra Fishing Tips
  • Additional Resources: Technique Tutorials, Baits, Terminal Tackles, Rods, Reels, & Lines


This Sand Hollow Fishing Guide Will Help You:

I grew up fishing this reservoir and even still I struggled for years to catch any bass. I journaled my experiences on this reservoir, and created a guide book for myself and others to experience the thrill of catching bass out of this great blue ribbon fishery. This resource will become invaluable to help you catch more fish on Sand Hollow.


Experience Days Like This on Sand Hollow When You Learn the Secrets of this Lake with this eBook

SandHollow Fishing Guide eBook Bonus Edition

For only $5.00 more, you can add 4 Tutorials of the Best Bass Fishing Rigs (a $12.50 value) to your bass fishing toolbox.

The videos will walk you through how to set up the rigs, inform you of all the items you need for set up, and underwater footage of how to work these rigs. The tutorials videos included are for the following Foundational Bass Fishing soft plastic techniques:

These techniques for fishing soft plastics have caught more bass for me than anything else–bar none




Don't Take My Word For It

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My son and I were in the St. George area and really wanted to give bass fishing a try. Because of your great information we were successful from shore on our first bass outing. Now we’re definitely hooked on bass fishing.

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