Best Bass
Fishing Pliers

  • Split Ring Opener – A split ring opener on your pliers helps to replace hooks if they get worn out or broken on your crankbaits and jerkbaits
  • Braided Line Cutters – Fishing pliers that cut lines will save your teeth and your frustration, especially when you use braided line
  • Open Jaw Design – The open jaw design of the Kraken Bass fishing pliers enables you to get down in the mouth of your bass with the pliers open, so you can grab onto those deep hooks


One Set OF Pliers to help with all this:


Don't Take My Word For It

Hands down the best fishing multitool I’ve ever owned. Well worth the price. So good, I have 2 of them in my boat 👍🏼

David Guymon

Best pliers out there!

Joe Randall

Have them and they work great! They come with split ring end or regular.

Jeffrey Dischinat