Lure Color
Selection Chart

  • Uncover what color lure to grab with this quick glance chart, making it simple for you to know precisely what color will catch bass without time-consuming guesswork
  • Gain color change ideas for when you are struggling to catch bass
  • Empower yourself with the best lure colors so you won’t waste money on the poor colored supplies


Did You Know There are over 100 different Colors for Plastic Worms In Bass Fishing?

What you need to know is how to read the water to pick the perfect color to use, so you don’t waste your precious time and money trying all those different colors. 


I struggled for a long time figuring out which colors worked best. What I discovered is you can actually pick the perfect color by looking at the water. I created a simple chart to help me understand what can happen on the water and matched it to the best proven colors to catch fish. It has drastically helped me and many others to step up our Kraken! This chart demystified all the hype around certain colors for baits. 

Don't Take My Word For It

Awesome! Super helpful!


Thank you so much for spending the time putting it together. It was worth every penny.


I have greatly appreciated your content, especially having two young boys obsessed with bass fishing. I was tired of taking them out to come home with nothing to show for it. I'm very grateful.


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