Best Bass Fishing Hook Sharpener

  • Eliminate frustration of seeing the big ones get away due to dull poor hooks
  • Save money & hassle from buying and replacing hooks to keep them sharp
  • Take it with you so you can sharpen your hooks quickly on the water without waiting to make a trip to the tackle shop


Hate watching Big Bass Get Away?

Big fish have hard, tough mouths, so they get away if you don't have razor sharp hooks.

I personally hated seeing big fish swim away after I got them to bite. When I tried other hook sharpeners, it was incredibly disappointing. They weren’t made for big bass hooks. I then designed this sharpener for myself and others to use, helping to prevent that pain of seeing the big ones get away. It’s been a game changer for me and others. Get your sharpener now so you’re not stranded on the lake with poor hooks, watching bass get off left and right.


This video illustrates how to properly use this tool to get razor-sharp hooks so you can land more big bass.

Don't Take My Word For It

hook sharpener reviews

“Got my hook sharpener today. Had a few hits but no hook up. After the sharpening, bam! Kracked!!!!! 3.6lbs ned rig.”

- Jeff Nelson
Travis C.
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This is just one of several Kraken Bass products that I own. And just like my others, I am supremely happy with this pocket size hook sharpener. I have used it a bunch and you cannot even tell it has been touched. Even for a very regualr fisherman like me, I dont see me needing another one anytime soon if at all. I even used the flat edge to sharpen my pocket knife and it worked very well. 5 stars for another great product!
Blake B.
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Excellent sharpener! It's the middle of winter here in WI so I haven't had a chance to try on my fishing hooks yet, but I test drove this sharpener on some knives and it absolutely gets the job done! Paper test confirmed much sharper knives.
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This hook sharpener is something good and substantial to hold onto while you sharpen your hooks. I’ve used other files and don’t like the little file style sharpeners. I like the 3 sided diamond stone. It has A LOT of surface area where I don’t feel like one area is wearing out. I always lost my small file style sharpeners but appreciate the pocket clip for my fly fishing vest. I also like the retractable design so your not wearing away other things in your box or bag. I see this lasting a lifetime and it is always there when I need it.

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