Consistently catch more bass anytime, anywhere and unlock the secret to experience more epic outdoor adventures with family or friends out bass fishing.

Bass Fishing Foundation Secrets is specifically designed for those who desire to transform their bass fishing to not only catch more bass... but to understand the foundations of bass fishing to make you more consistent however you want to do it.

Why most people fail with bass fishing

Back in 2010 I got the idea that I wanted to go all in on bass fishing because I went on a trip with my dad, and it was such an amazing experience.

I just knew this would be my ticket to something fun I could do to enjoy the outdoors myself, and with my new young family. 

So I went all in. I spent 7 years researching, testing, and hardly catching anything trying to figure out how to catch them consistently whenever I had an opportunity to go.

That first couple years? A lot of up and down success. I would smack the snot out of them, next time I would catch a few, and several times I came up empty handed. I was frustrated and honestly kind of scared that I’d wasted so much time and energy on something like this without it panning out like I’d hoped.

It turns out it wasn’t as easy as what I experienced trying what was shown online in mainstream bass fishing.

The problem is I was focused on testing baits and lures throughout the year, not on recognizing the changes in bass behavior as situations change… and this is why most people fail too.

I didn’t have patterns for situations. I didn’t have any knowledge of how bait migrates. I didn’t have an idea of what conditions are most important to adjust to. I just spent a ton of time experimenting with all kinds of bass fishing techniques, gear, and tackle.

Anyone can catch bass consistently and easily. But unless you know the right foundations for success with predicting bass behavior, you won’t experience those epic 50+ bass days that you remember for the rest of your life.

Throughout my career with a degree in communications. My super power is to take the complex and make it simple. This is why people gravitate to my content. I take the mystery out of bass fishing, so you can apply simple principles to make you more successful. 

Introducing… Bass Fishing Foundation Secrets

Bass Fishing Foundation Secrets is specifically designed for those who desire to transform their bass fishing to not only catch more bass... but to understand the foundations of bass fishing to make you more consistent however you want to do it.

With Bass Fishing Foundation Secrets you Get:

  • A proven step-by-step process to go from not knowing what you will catch to instead wondering what your biggest one will be that you catch, so you can have the confidence you are working on the right things, in the right order.
  • Simple effective principles to eliminate guesswork to know what bait to use, and where to go to find fish anytime you want to go bass fishing.
  • Confidence in your learning, so you know you won’t go through all the effort of buying and trying with techniques that don’t actually catch fish.
  • Go beyond the average fisherman, and get set up with all the components of being confident to enter bass tournaments.

What's Included:

The Kraken Bass Roadmap

30 Bass Fishing Transformational Training Videos

Re-watchable, lifetime access, review at your own pace. Step-by-step condensed 5-minute tutorials.

This section eliminates the confusion on all the stuff people are trying to sell you about what you need to catch bass effectively.

Workshop Training Includes:

  • What You Need To Know About Rods & Reels To Catch Big Bass
  • How Picking The Wrong Line Will Prevent You From Getting Bites
  • 5 Types of Baits Bass Will Always Eat
  • Proven Tackle & Lures Why They Work

This section will increase your productivity by learning how to efficiently operate & manage your gear to catch more big bass. 

Workshop Training Includes:

  • Secrets For Adding Line to Your Reels For Lots of Bass
  • How To Stop Big Bass From Breaking Off
  • Casting Secrets To Get Your Bait Out Further & In The Right Spots
  • Simplify Strategies To Always Have What you Need When You Need It Without Spending A Ton of Money.

This training series walks through what baits you actually need to always catch bass whenever you hit the water.

Workshop Training Includes:

  • Softplastic Lures Bass Always Eat
  • Swimbait Fishing Mastery
  • Most Effective Hardbaits for Catching Bigs
  • The Secrets to Bladed Baits
  • Topwater Tips Nobody Has Taught You

This section of trainings will prevent you from the little mistakes that will turn bass away. It will walk you through all the rigging, and fishing the proven fish catching baits.

  • Texas Rig The Right Way For More Bites
  • Drop Shot Mastery
  • Carolina Rig Secrets
  • Slay More On Wacky Rigs
  • Uncover How to Work Your Baits More Effectively

This section of trainings will provide you the tricks on how to hook up on more bass without them getting away. 

Workshop training includes:

  • How to Detect Bites Other Fisherman Miss
  • Bass Landing Success Secrets
  • What You Need To Know To Always Have Bass To Catch

This section walks through what you need to know on how to find the best bass fishing holes on your water.

Workshop Training Includes:

  • The Secret Keys To Finding Places With Lots of Bass
  • Where The Bass Hide So You Can Catch Them
  • Water Contour Mastery To Read Where Bass Are On Any Water

This section of trainings will show you what you need to know about bass behavior secrets to predict what you need to use, and where you need to go to catch them. 

Workshop Training Includes:

  • Seasonal Pattern Prediction Precision
  • Weather Adapting Tricks: Know How To Change When Things Change To Keep Catching Them
  • How To Pick The Perfect Bait To Not Get Skunked

This section of trainings will walk you some solid tricks to empower you to catch bass when no one else is.

Workshop Training Includes:

  • What To Do To Avoid Getting Skunked
  • 5 Biggest Reasons You Aren’t Catching Fish

But that's not all!

Bass Fishing Foundations Secrets also comes with these FREE BONUSES to make the whole process easier…

Bait Selection Mastery

20 page short ebook you can print out on what you need to know to know on exactly why, when, and what bait to use to catch them effortlessly.

Have more fun fishing by knowing the perfect baits to use to catch ’em quick.

Stop the shame of coming home empty by knowing when certain baits work better than others in different conditions to catch bass all year long.

Catch more bass than you ever have before by discovering why certain baits work so you can think like a bass.

Normally $30


finding bass fishing spots

Uncovering Secret Bass Fishing Spots

Stop wasting precious fishing time in bad spots with no fish. This quick read eBook reveals my 7-step formula for finding those secret liars.

Higher productivity catch rates by seeing what you need to know about the areas on the water that will always have bass you can catch.

Wreck the snot out of them by uncovering the baits to help you find bass faster.

Understand what bass like to hide in, so you can cast to the perfect spot and catch them.

Normally $20


Bait Selection Secrets Cheat Sheet

Know what bait to use with just a quick scan of your eye with this simple, pre-done, professionally designed chart

Know what baits bass will prefer to eat in the different water conditions.

Be able to adapt to keep catching them as situations change by knowing the right bait for the right time.

Break through tough fishing with solid ideas of techniques to try to catch bass when others fail.

Normally $25


Big Bass Tackle Essentials

Stop wasting your time buying and trying. Use this list of essentials to get the right set up and start catching more big bass.

Save yourself time trying to figure out what you need  from gurus to catch more big bass.

Save money by avoiding buying more gear just to see if it will work or not.

STOP worry about whether you have the right rod, reel, line, or lure–you can hit the water with confidence, knowing you can handle any situation

Normally $30


Color Selection Mastery

Discover how to catch bass on the first cast no matter the lure. This Simple eBook makes it easy for you to know what color to use to catch bass in any situation

Discover the principles to know what color you need to use when you want to catch ’em quick

Save money by knowing what colors will work so you don’t load your tackle box with garbage lure colors

Keep catching them to know when to adapt your color in changing situations.

Normally $20


Get the entire foundations course today!

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  • ($25 Value) Bait Selection Secrets Cheat Sheet
  • ($30 Value) Big Bass Tackle Essentials
  • ($20 Value) Color Selection Mastery
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I personally guarantee the results from all of my bass fishing programs. If you try this program for 30 days and you are not happy with the results, we will refund you. All you have to do is send us an email with your request.

Real Fishermen, who went from frustrated to stoked on catching more bass!

I’m new to bass fishing, and needed every advantage I could. Take the course it’s well worth it. Lots of things in there I never thought about what to use at different times. It’s helped me a ton. 

Dave Guymond

It helped me a lot with where and how to fish and what kind of baits to use. JB’s the Best!

Jon Olsen

I ran onto Kraken Bass through YouTube videos. Bass fishing was always a mystery to me, and I had always been intimidated by it. After taking the foundations course my bass fishing has done nothing but soar through the roofs. Well worth the money. 

Wade Lish

Finished the course. Really just a phenomenal course. It got me the knowledge that I need to get the fish when I want to get the fish. Not just the wish and hope. Videos walk you through everything. I was even able to help a friend catch their first bass. It was a great experience. 

Spencer Duncan

Frequently asked questions

No. You will have lifetime access to the course. This way you can go back and re-watch to see how or what you might be missing to improve your fishing. I get students all the time re-watching and learning new things as they go.

You can walk through the entire Bass Fishing Foundations Secrets Training in Under 4 hours. These trainings are short 5 minute tutorials you can take your time on, or burn through. The real results come when you take it, and apply it to your fishing. 

If you are unsatisfied with the results. You can ask for a 100% refund no questions asked. Plus, if you want additional help we can schedule a call to walk through some of your road blocks. 

All the course trainings and material are provided through an online portal. Here you will be able to log-in and access your materials anywhere you have an internet connection. Re-visit and re-watch anytime. If you have any problems with software. Our team is available to get you in and troubleshoot any problems you are having.