Bait Selection Secrets Cheat Sheet

  • Know what bait to use with just a quick scan of your eye with this simple, pre-done, professionally designed chart
  • Gain ideas for when you are struggling to catch bass
  • Feel confident that your baits will catch big bass and know exactly when to deploy techniques to slay ’em


Know Exactly What Baits Will Work Best By:


I struggled to know what to use for a long time. What I learned is a lot of baits work great, but knowing when to use them is the real key to success. Now I don’t worry about what to use, instead I focus more on where the fish are located and I use the framework simply presented in this chart to help me pick the perfect presentation to get those big bass to bite. This formula is how I put this video together, and you can have the same success.

Don't Take My Word For It

The material you cover and the resources you provide have not only taught me a ton of stuff but it also increased my confidence to get out and trying new things in my pursuit of bass.


Thanks again for all the help and great advice; I'll be sure to tell all my friends and family my secret: "JB is my instructor" Haha.


Kraken the bass this morning! I caught 20+ and most were all on topwater! KrakenBass helped me to know what baits to use to get on more bass.


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